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Exhibitions: 1964 - 2020
Major Projects: 1960 - 2020
Selected Media List: 1968 - 2020
Selected Writings: 1968 - 2020
Projects Fair Park Lagoon, Dallas, Texas
The Draw at Sugar House, Salt Lake City, Utah
Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility, Petaluma, California
Endangered Garden, San Francisco, California
Books Patricia Johanson and the Re-Invention of Public Environmental Art, 1958-2010 by Xin Wu, Ashgate Publishing
Patricia Johanson’s Environmental Remedies by Sue Spaid, Millersville University
A Field Guide to Patricia Johanson’s Works by Sue Spaid, Contemporary Museum Baltimore
Patricia Johanson’s House and Garden Commission by Xin Wu, Harvard University Press
Art and Survival: Patricia Johanson’s Environmental Projects by Caffyn Kelley, Islands Institute
Media KSL-TV news clip on Sugar House Park, June 23, 2011
Ecoartspace video interview, July 2010
KSRF: Santa Fe Radio Café radio interview, April 26, 2010
KCPW: Midday Metro radio interview on Sugar House Park, May 17, 2007
WAMC: The Environment Show radio interview, February 15, 2000
Publications Landscape Architecture China, volume 11, number 3, June 2010
Landscape Architecture China, number 5, December 2011
Excerpt from the book Ecovention by Sue Spaid
Internet Metroactive on Ellis Creek, January 25, 2006
Landviews: Snake & Lily article, 2003
Arts and Healing Network: Award Winner 2003 article, 2003
Arts and Healing Network interview, 2003
eARTh: An Exhibition of Environmental Art
French Embassy article on the Garden Competition, 2000
NAPtexts(s) on Ulsan Park, 1997
Links Guggenheim Memorial Foundation fellow biography
Wikipedia on Patricia Johanson