PATRICIA JOHANSON — Selected Media List: 1968 - 2020
2018 “The Artist’s Team”, film by Adeline Lausson, (“The Draw at Sugar House”, Salt Lake City), 2018
2017 “Sugar House Park to Receive Functional Yet Beautiful Art Installation” by Danica Lawrence, Fox 13 Now Television News, Salt Lake City, November 7, 2017
“The Fair Park Lagoon, and the Fate of Fair Park” by Jon Revett, Glasstire
2015 “Patricia Johanson’s Monumental Public Art” by Hikmet Sidney Loe, July 9, 2015
2014 “Construction Cones a Precursor to Improvements to Sugar House Area” by Kiersten Nunez, Fox 13 Now Television News, March 13, 2014
“The Draw at Sugarhouse Project Has Light at the End of the Tunnel” by Bob Nelson, KUER 90.1 Public Radio, Salt Lake City, Utah, March 14, 2014
“A New Draw for Sugar House” by Val Rasmussen, UTAH STYLE & DESIGN and SALT LAKE MAGAZINE, March 18, 2014
“Officials Tour Nearly-Completed Underground Tunnel at Sugarhouse Park” by Jasen Lee, (KSL Broadcasting: KSL-TV and KSL Newsradio, Salt Lake City, Utah), March 15, 2014
“On the Rocks: Art in the Age of Dinosaurs?”, directed by Jean-Luc Bouvret and Francois-Xavier Vives, produced by Le Miroir and France5 Public Television, Paris, 2014
“On the Wings of a Butterfly and the Tail of a Mouse: Reclamation and Aestheticism” by Elaine Slater, Landscape & Arts Network, Article 22, October 2014
2013 “Beeldspraak: Groene Profeet” by Duncan Liefferink, December 2013
“Patricia Johanson: The World as a Work of Art” by Michael Spens, Studio International, November 11, 2013
2011 “Patricia Johanson at Headlands Center for the Arts”, interview by Daniel Tucker, March 2, 2011
2010 “Patricia Johanson: Interviewed by Amy Lipton” by Amy Lipton and Kathleen Sweeney, July 2010
“New Arts Alive: Patricia Johanson”, interview by James F. L. Carroll, Berks Community Television, Reading, Pennsylvania, June 3, 2010
“Santa Fe Radio Café: Patricia Johanson”, interview by Mary-Charlotte Domandi, KSFR-FM, New Mexico Public Radio, Santa Fe, April 26, 2010
“Transforming a Coal Mining Site with Nature: Mary’s Garden Reclamation”, Landscape Online, Article number: 14112, November 2, 2010
2009 “Johanson Water Facility Completed”, Landscape Online, Article number: 12627, October 14, 2009
“Stephen L. Hyatt Memorial Lecture: Patricia Johanson”, The Teaching Gallery, Hudson Valley Community College, Troy, New York, Viking Video Technologies, (DVD video), April 1, 2009
2008 “Choreographing Nature: Fair Park Lagoon” by Leslie McGuire, Landscape Online, Article number: 10425, March 2008
2007 “Interview with 10 Arts and Healing Award Winners”, Arts & Healing Podcast, (mp3 and iTunes), June 6, 2007
“Midday Metro with Lara Jones”, interview on The Draw at Sugar House, KCPW Public Radio, Salt Lake City, Utah, May 17, 2007
“Art and Survival: Patricia Johanson’s Environmental Projects” by Michael Spens, Studio International, June 11, 2007
2006 “The Storm Over the Stormwater Garden” by Stephanie Hemphill, Minnesota Public Radio, October 24, 2006
2004 Patricia Johanson Interview: Duluth Living Water Garden, KDLH-TV, Duluth, Minnesota, May 4, 2004
Patricia Johanson Interview, Wulingyuan Television, Zhang Jia Jie, China, May 26, 2004
2000 “Designing Beyond the Visual: Life, Death, and Trade-Offs in the Garden of Art”, Johanson speech to College Art Association Annual Conference, February 2000, Audio Tape 200223-190 A & B, Audio Archives, La Crescenta, California
“The Environment Show”, interview by Stevin Westcott, Program number: 528, WAMC National Productions, National Public Radio, February 12, 2000
1999 “Chicken Scratch with Will Stapp, Program 63: Patricia Johanson”, (videotape), Petaluma, California, March 3, 1999
1998 “Q & A”, interview by Marianne Potter, WMHQ-TV, (PBS), Albany, New York, March 30, 1998
1997 Patricia Johanson interview by Helcio Amaral de Souza, Brazilian Minister of Culture, O Globo-Tapajos Television, Santarem, Brazil, March 21, 1997
Patricia Johanson interview by Regina Figeira, Bandeirante Television Network, Obidos, Brazil, March 24, 1997
1996 “Exploring the New Landscape: Creating Non-Traditional Landscape: Artists Talk on Art”, (videotape), Manhattan and Paragon Cable Television, New York, March 15, 1996
“Late Night Live with Philip Adams”, Patricia Johanson interview, Radio National, ABC/Australia, April, 23, 1996
1994 “Overview: Aesthetics and Infrastructure: Designing a Livable Environment”, (videotape), Cedar Arts Forum, Waterloo, Iowa, 1994
“Patricia Johanson: Creating Multi-Level Designs—Aesthetic, Ecological, Functional and Usable”, (videotape), Cedar Arts Forum, Waterloo, Iowa, 1994
1993 “Art and Ecology: A Precarious Balance”, Johanson speech to College Art Association Annual Conference, February 5, 1993, (Audio Tape 130205-230 and 231, Audio Archives, La Crescenta, California)
Patricia Johanson interview by Elizabeth Kaladin, New York 1 Television, November 17, 1993
“Tres Cantos da Terra: Lia do Rio, Patricia Johanson, Mariyo Yagi” by Lia do Rio (videotape), National Museum of Fine Arts, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1993
1992 “Aspects of the Arts: A Sense of Place” by Richard Connolly, (videotape), SUNY-SAT Television, 1992
“Patricia Johanson: The Leonhardt Lagoon, An Ecological Artwork” by Jyoti Duwadi, (videotape), Queens Museum and Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Program, 1992
1991 “Patricia Johanson: Candace de Vries Olesen Fellow Gallery Talk” by Nathan Farb, (videotape), Usdan Gallery, Bennington College, 1991
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Patricia Johanson Interview and Fair Park Lagoon Construction, KDFW-TV, Dallas-Fort Worth, November 7, 1985
1977 “The City Project, Cleveland”, (videotape), New Gallery of Contemporary Art and Cleveland State University, Ohio, 1977
1974 “Patricia Johanson: Cyrus Field” by Michael Marton, (videotape), 1974
1968 “The Art of the Real” by Michael Murphy, (35mm film), United States Information Agency, 1968
Patricia Johanson Interview, WRGB-TV, Schenectady, New York, October 1968
Patricia Johanson Interview, WTEN-TV, Albany, New York, October 1968
“Patricia Johanson: Stephen Long”, (16mm film), CBS-TV, 1968, edited by Joanna Alexander, WNET-TV, New York, 1971 (Museum of Modern Art Film Collection)