PATRICIA JOHANSONeARTh: An Exhibition of Environmental Art
Republished with permission from The Islands Institute
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 Patricia Johanson

© Patricia Johanson, 1981-1986. Fair Park Lagoon, Dallas, Texas. Pteris Multifida, 225' x 112' x 12', gunite, plants and animals.

Artist Patricia Johanson is internationally known for her ecologically and artistically innovative design. The Fair Park Lagoon project in Dallas, Texas combined the arts and ecological sciences to restore a degraded natural area. Johanson's design created curving pathways with small outcroppings to serve as overlooks and public seating areas, while also setting the ecological restoration of the area in motion. Fair Park Lagoon was eventually adopted by the Dallas Museum of Natural History as a living exhibit. Johanson is now working on a new project, the Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility and Petaluma Wetlands Park, located in Petaluma, California. Johanson's original drawings, blueprints and plans are on display, along with an arial photo of the project under construction. Consisting of a series of ponds designed to clean wastewater while providing recreational opportunities and restoring the ecological viability of the project site, the Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility and Petaluma Wetlands Park covers more than 300 acres. Johanson's work is innovative and visionary. This exhibit marks the first time the original sketches from the Petaluma Project have been shown. (Johanson is the subject of a book, Art and Survival, published by the Islands Institute in 2006.)

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1A-dallas * 800 x 503 * (47KB) 1B-johanson-dallas * 600 x 384 * (37KB)
2A-Petaluma_Site * 612 x 777 * (63KB) 2B-Butterfly_Pond * 1071 x 850 * (191KB)
2B-MousePond * 2718 x 2534 * (831KB) 2C-Morning_Glory_Pools * 500 x 650 * (61KB)
2E-Mousetail_thin_section * 600 x 1584 * (172KB) 2FAugust 06 aerial 001 * 3024 x 1998 * (565KB)

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