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"Stephen Long" extended 1600 feet, beyond the field of vision, and its colors were transformed by natural light. At sunset the yellow stripe changed to orange, and blue became violet.
'Stephen Long' aerial photo
'Garden Cities: Turtle Mound'
Patricia Johanson with 'Cyrus Field'
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Patricia Johanson with 'Stephen Long'
Commissioned to design "artist's gardens" for HOUSE AND GARDEN magazine. Johanson's 150 drawings proposed sculptural solutions to environmental problems such as erosion, sedimentation, water conservation, flooding, sewage treatment, landfills, and habitat loss, and contained the seeds for "functional", "public", and "ecological" art.
Patricia Johanson and Tony Smith
"Cyrus Field", which extends for miles through the forest, explores the relationship between sculpture and the needs of living ecologies. Johanson's friend and teacher, Tony Smith, came to see the project shortly after it was built.