“For over forty years, Patricia Johanson has patiently insisted that art can heal the earth. Her designs satisfy deep human needs for beauty, belonging and historical memory, while also answering the needs of birds, insects, fish, animals, and micro-organisms. Her art reclaims degraded ecologies and creates conditions that permit endangered species to thrive in the middle of urban centers.”

— Caffyn Kelley, Preface to Art and Survival

Recent Updates
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Center for Humans & Nature
ARTICLE: Elaborate canyon wall art dress up tunnel from Sugar House Park
Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City, UT
Major Projects
Fair Park Lagoon
Dallas, Texas
The Draw at Sugar House
Salt Lake City, Utah
Candlestick Park Endangered Garden
San Francisco, California
Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility
Petaluma, California
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Ulsan Park
Ulsan, South Korea
French Embassy Garden
New York, New York
About the Artist
Timeline Biography: 1940-1967 | 1968-1970 | 1971-1994 | 1995-2003
A Field Guide to Patricia Johanson’s Works
by Sue Spaid, Contemporary Museum Baltimore
Patricia Johanson’s House and Garden Commission
by Xin Wu, Harvard University Press
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