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Endangered Garden

"ENDANGERED GARDEN" (Sunnydale Facilities), San Francisco. "RIBBON WORM/ TIDAL SCULPTURE" (foreground), looking toward head of the San Francisco garter snake (earth mounds) and butterfly meadow. " Candlestick Cove on San Francisco Bay... Johanson designed sculptural habitats on top of a pump station and holding tank for excess rainwater and sewage.... "ENDANGERED GARDEN" is conceived as a "baywalk", a nature trail formed to resemble the serpentine silhouette of the San Francisco garter snake... The 30-foot-wide path (the roof of the sewer) was designed to meander for a third of a mile. Along the walkway...Johanson created a series of gardens where the visitor discovers a variety of images, intimate spaces, and patterns that correspond to different habitats and public uses... However the central focus is the bay itself... Ultimately the work fosters an environmental ethic regarding the value of even the smallest living things by making visible the tiniest animals of the bay."